Our History

The eagle

With acute sight and majestic flight, the fascinating raptor stands for years on the burgundy color of our buses, proud and with spread wings towards discovery.

Our vocation is to fly free, discovering the world

An eagle, because L'Aquila is the Abruzzo's county seat and the animal's pride recalls our region's people, strong and kind. Our vocation is to fly free, discovering the world but always remembering that to go far, it is essential to remember where we are from because that will always be the place to go back. During the '70s and '80s, Nicola used to accompany religious groups to nocturne vigils dedicated to Padre Pio or San Gabriele. As they needed to go back to work the morning after, they traveled at night, seeing the lights of the rising sun shyly reflected on the bus side. As Nicola was impressed by a big eagle flying at the sunrise while driving, the company logo is part of a real story.
For a graphic error, the eagle's left leg was cut, which was an important coincidence and linked to the real motivation of the creation of our company.

Civitarese's eagle, 1970 - Today.

To go far, it is essential to remember where we are from because that will always be the place to go back.

Our vocation is to fly free, discovering the world

In 1946the war left no hope and desire to start again. Every dream seemed uncatchable but very important to chase to go further.

In the same year, Ermindo Civitarese was honored with the Cross of Merit medal for having sacrificed half leg to save another soldier.

1946 - Ortona, post-World War

In the '50s, pullman 642 Fiat - from right Ermindo Civitarese, Pasqualino Massone, owner of the distributor Shell in Piazza Porta Caldari, Franchino Civitarese and his friend

His passion for vehicles matured when he was a kid and his desire for revenge were the starting points to have the brilliant intuition and the strenght to connect for the first time all the Ortona's southwest quarters to the town center.

The dream came true when, with many sacrifices, Ermindo went to Naples to buy an old English military ambulance at the American market of Porta Capuana. He adapted it for passenger transport as cheaply as possible: helped by the Tortella brothers, he built iron axes along the inner sides to support wooden tables as passengers' seats.

The first local bus service in Ortona was born. Daily travelers were sitting on the vehicle telling about their day, some news, and the new sense of normality. The peasants could bring their products to the city market and everyone could finally reach the centre by bus, instead of going by bike or on foot. Finally, it was possible to study, communicate, travel, hope for the future!

1946 - After the war, hope and desire to start over were just a dream.
Ermindo Civitarese, back from the front, made those hopes a reality.

1955, Fiat 626 Luna - Travelling on the road to Montorio al Vomano towards San Gabriele's Sanctuary.

After that first sample, proper buses were purchased with great economical efforts. Ermindo, now helped by his brothers Ernesto, Franchino, and Reginaldo to run the extra-urban bus route Villa Rogatti-Ortona, founded the F.lli Civitarese company in 1946, becoming the pioneer of local public transport. In the common desire to start a new life, it was important to rely on human relationships and word of mouth.
The driver also used to wait for some passengers at the bus stop for several minutes, knowing their habits and the climate was always so familiar. Many local tales were born in those days and still live in some unforgettable stories.

In the '60s , the buses' sound leaving or returning became the clock marking the moments of the day in the town's everyday life. With vehicles increasingly suitable for transport, the historical 'Lunetta' joined the fleet.

This bus, a Fiat 626, inaugurated the new transport service Villa Rogatti-Lanciano, signing a new opportunity for thousands of young citizens to continue their studies in high schools located in the neighboring town.

Pullman "Lunetta" 626 Fiat on the road - top left Franchino Civitarese, Ermindo Civitarese (center) and some passengers.

1968 - Fiat 306 bodywork Barbi - Santa Maria degli Angeli (Assisi). From the right side Nicola Civitarese, Ermindo Civitarese, Claudio Civitarese, Silvana Graziani as Ermindo's wife.

1960 - the buses' sound leaving or returning became the clock marking the moments of the day in the town's everyday life, as well as an undeniable source of joy as only every novelty could be.

During the '90s the company became bigger and bigger and over the years Ermindo was helped by his wife Silvana and his two sons Nicola and Claudio, who take over the company. Local public transport and national trips to discover Italy were gradually at the core of the family business. Today Nicola remembers those days of self-denial and passion.

Together with his wife Luciana , he fulfilled his father's dream and, during the 2000s, the company reached new perspectives to make that eagle fly higher. The project, supported in recent years by Nicola and Luciana's sons and by the entire staff, real company's soul, is carried on with the same values and passion. With activities of tour operating, travel agency, ticket office, and bus lines, Civitarese Viaggi is a historical small-medium company even more relevant in the Abruzzo territory.

1995, Mercedes O303 – Monte Bianco